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With many years of healthcare industry experience, we have determined that there is still a care / cost gap that effects the majority of the US population. No matter how hard the managed care industry has tried, they have fallen short of providing high quality, low cost healthcare that is good for the patient and for the provider. Through the Discount Health Card, members can now have high quality, affordable discounted fee-for-service healthcare with meaningful savings .

The discounted fee-for-service savings approach affords high quality healthcare in a simple, easily understood process. Members are issued a Discount Health Card that identifies the class of coverage, the Member(s) covered and the provider networks that apply to the respective plans. The Member identifies the provider, shows their card, receives the appropriate benefits and pays a significantly reduced fee for the services rendered at the time of service. There are NO deductibles, NO waiting periods, NO limitations, NO plan exclusions, NO claim forms to file, NO pre-existing conditions and NO HASSLES.

Given our large volume, we can pass on this advantage to a vast segment of the population who would otherwise not be able to realize the savings offered through the Discount Health Card.

With your Discount Health Card, you can directly and positively affect your quality of life.

The Discount Health Card offers a wide variety of discounted fee-for-service plans that afford Members ready access to high quality healthcare. The principal categories of our services are PHARMACY, DENTISTRY, OPTOMETRY, CHIROPRACTIC and HEARING CARE. Others are available and our programs will be expanded.

All services are offered to Members through a wide range of professional provider networks chosen for their quality, locations, pricing and availability.

The plan is administered through a membership identification card that is presented to the participating provider at the time and point of service. Our providers have agreed to accept our discounted fee schedule and charge a commensurate amount to Member for the service rendered. After treatment, service or products, the Member pays the provider the discounted rate and all parties are satisfied they received exactly what they expected immediately at the point of service.

Discount Health Card provider networks include professionals throughout the United States and are represented by independent local providers, regional chains, highly recognized national chains and mass merchandisers and other merchant operations.

With your Discount Health Card, you enjoy immediate, unlimited access to over:

  • 51,000 retail pharmacy providers
  • 12,000 dental providers
  • 10,000 vision providers
  • 6,000 chiropractic providers
  • 2,700 hearing care centers

REMEMBER there are NO deductibles, NO plan exclusions,
NO claim forms, NO pre-existing conditions,
NO waiting periods, NO maximums and NO HASSLES!

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